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Jurriaan Morsink

Has a degree in engineering, completed WSET Level 2&3 and created a travel agency called Dashwood Travel. 

If Jurriaan was a grape he would be Syrah: a muscled man with a velvety touch. 

He feels like a prehistoric man and tries to show this by growing his hair long, resulting in a head full of big blond curls. Jurriaan is a hard worker but doesn't worry too much in general. He will do everything necessary to fulfill his dream: owning a vineyard with Dido, where he can ride his horse, knowing each vine by name. He is an excellent taster and specializes in blind tasting. Without any effort he finds out the specific grape and region. As a winemaker Jurriaan is very talented, because next to his good tasting skills he understands every technical aspect as a natural. 

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Dido Voorma

Has a master's degree in Anthropology, completed the WSET diploma course (level 4) and worked for a wine importer named Glandorf&Thijs. 

You can compare Dido with a natural wine: she is pure and full of flavor. 

Dido lives for food and wine; she never talks about anything else. When she wakes up in the morning she immediately thinks: what am I going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Wine and food are connected for her and preferably she drinks every day. Most of the time she easily succeeds. To prevent her from becoming completely fat, Jurriaan makes her run up a mountain once in a while. Dido is the nicest company you can imagine: she is relaxed, fresh, has an excellent memory, a good sense of humor and after a lot of training she finally understands sarcasm. She is ambitious and dreams not only of her own vineyard, but also about the title of Master of Wine.